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We deliver across the pipeline life cycle

Our Expertise

  • Pipeline Alignment Sheets
  • Routing Plans
  • Typical Crossing Drawings
  • Major/HDD Crossing Drawings
  • Pipeline Stress Analysis
  • Line Lowering Analysis
  • HDD Pullback Plan Analysis
  • Buoyancy Control Design
  • In-service Lowering of Existing Lines​
  • Global Buckling Assessment
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Geohazards Evaluations
Life Cycle of a pipeline


  • Route Selection


  • System evaluation for abandonment
  • CWP for pipeline abandonment


  • Condition monitoring
  • Engineering evaluation of design in operating conditions
  • Engineering evaluation of change in service fluid
  • Engineering evaluation of damage incidents
  • Engineering evaluation of failure incidents
  • Addition of new facilities / facility types


  • Construction and commission supports
  • Line lowering procedure


  • Design of pipelines and pipeline assemblies
  • Design of typical and major pipeline crossings including HDDs
  • Material specifications
  • Stress analysis and strain based design
  • Testing and examination requirements
  • Material requisitions and technical bid evaluations
  • Regulatory Application Support

Pipeline Design

Our pipeline engineering team has superior design capabilities supported by our in-house developed tools. It allows us to provide our clients practical and accurate solutions for their pipeline design. Our experts can also help you with preliminary routing studies to advanced geohazard evaluations as required by the project needs.

We can provide solutions tailored to your requirements. For upstream producers, we can provide fit-for-purpose pipeline routing plans that meet all regulatory requirements. For transmission companies, our team can provide detailed alignment sheets that cover all aspects of pipeline design.

We have experience in designing pipelines to CSA Z662, ASME B31.4 and ASME B31.8. 

NC Tool in Spotlight


pROUTE automates the generation of pipeline alignment sheets or pipeline routing plans based on the survey data using GIS.

Construction Support

Our team supports the construction contractors with technical RFIs on a priority basis. Besides, we can support construction contractors with line lowering plan evaluations and validations. Similarly, we can validate HDD pull-back plans. Our in-house tool pBUILD ensures that we can respond to such queries on a priority basis.

Pipeline Retirement

Our experts can help you prepare regulatory packages and the design documents required to abandon or retire pipelines and associated aboveground facilities safely. Our services include notification to regulatory bodies, engineering assessments, consultation with stakeholders, project execution and project closeout. 

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