pSTRESS is a robust tool to pre-process the inputs and post-processes the results of Finite Element Analysis (Abaqus) of the buried pipelines. For existing pipelines, pSTRESS works with pREFINE to process ILI data to achieve data refinement for pipeline bends. pSTRESS output is highly customizable and provides a mean for the stakeholders to interact with stress results for better understanding. 

Best-in-class user interactivity for pipeline evaluations


  • Automates the complete 2D modelling with soil springs
  • Automates 3D Continuum FE analysis for points of interests
  • Includes soil and pipe profiles as well as homogenous and heterogenous directional profiles

Key Benefits  


User Friendly


How it Works

1. Import pipeline geometry

2. Input pipeline and soil data

3. Review stress results

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