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Proven Project Execution

MOC & Sustaining Projects

We have the expertise to support your most challenging Management of Change (MOC) and Sustaining Capital projects. With a focus on efficiently delivering projects that support your bottom line, you can trust that our cost won’t erode your profit. Our lean, service-oriented team of experts is ready to bring your project from concept to operation.

Our project experience includes regulatory conformance, debottlenecking, Fitness for Service assessment, and maintenance upgrades and repairs. With a significant degree of both piping engineering and field experience, Northern Crescent’s designs are highly practical, constructible and operable.

“Cleo contracted Northern Crescent to for a number of upstream pipeline and facilities design projects. The Northern Crescent team was very responsive to our needs, met aggressive budget targets, and always provided highly-functional designs.” – Peter Bucknor, Facilities Engineer, CLEO Energy Corp.

Detailed Design

Having built a solid reputation as a superior piping and pipeline design consultant, Northern Crescent’s client base has broadened to include multi-discipline engineering for oil and gas facilities, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, and industrial and residential buildings.

Across all phases of project delivery, we are a fully-integrated engineering and project management consultancy, equipped to design both brownfield and new construction projects.

Our project experience includes:

  • Cross-Country Pipelines
  • Oil batteries
  • Gas Plants
  • Compressor Stations
  • Pump Stations
  • Central Processing Plants

Pipeline Design

We provide engineering, design and consulting services for small to large diameter underground pipelines from NPS 4 to 48. Our expertise includes crude oil and refined products, diluted bitumen, NGL condensate and sales gas, sour gas, emulsion and steam pipelines.

Our pipeline design services include route selection, stress analysis, alignment sheets, HDD, and construction typical, foreign crossing, and water body crossing drawings.

Northern Crescent can design your Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) crossings. Our HDD design capabilities include:

  • Feasibility assessment for HDD and full range of alternative trenchless technologies
  • Mechanical design of HDDs and Horizontal Bores
  • HDD overbend analysis
  • Requirements for horizontal offsets on main pipeline
  • Geotechnical investigation and laboratory testing

Specialty Technical Services

Stress Analysis

We perform stress analysis of piping systems, and of above-ground and buried pipelines, using both beam analysis and advanced nonlinear finite element (FE) analysis. As required, our analysis considers static and dynamic loading considerations. With our mechanical engineers and designers working alongside one another, we efficiently ensure your project receives an optimized, flexibly-routed, fully supported and stress compliant piping or pipeline design.

Pipe buckling is an important consideration for onshore pipelines at overbends in wet areas or sandy soil, and for offshore pipelines. We have the capability to execute pipe buckling analysis using beam analysis and/or Finite Element Analysis tools.

“We were pleased with the Stress Analysis Northern Crescent provided for our piping addition project. They were efficient, communicated clearly, and met the required deadlines.”
David Rhynes, Project Engineer at JACOS

“Northern Crescent was engaged by CSM Pump to evaluate piping and structural stresses on a number of skidded packages. They always delivered on-time and on-budget, and they proposed designs that were practical and economic. We look forward to working with Northern Crescent on future projects.”

Nathan Hutzul, MET, Manager, CSM Pump Packaging Inc.

Integrity & Fitness for Service

One of the challenges operator companies face, especially in today’s competitive energy industry, is maintaining their aged pressure-containing assets. A strategic and scientific approach to asset integrity management is of great benefit to companies. The random inspection-based approach used historically incurs significant costs for the company, and has a high chance of overlooking the most vulnerable high-risk locations.

Alternatively, a risk-based inspection approach can be developed based on an understanding of the damage mechanisms, and employing a prioritized risk-ranked inspection and condition assessment strategy.

Supported by sound materials engineering principles and in-depth understanding of damage mechanisms, Northern Crescent’s engineers will help you develop and implement an integrity management program for your in-service equipment, tailored to reduce your inspection budget as well as capture the most high-risk locations.

Our engineers have various NACE and API certifications, recognized across energy industry for corrosion, damage mechanisms and inspection. Our capabilities include:

  • Development and implementation of end-to-end risk-based inspection strategy programs.
  • Fitness for service assessments according to API RP 579 Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
  • Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) for process units according to API RP 584
  • Analysis of In-line inspection data of pipelines
  • Internal corrosion assessment of piping and pipeline, and establishing corrosion control programs
  • Risk and failure assessment of your equipment and piping due to process and ambient conditions
  • Data analysis with historical inspection data

Geotechnical Engineering

Supported by our in-house of geotechnical experts, Northern Crescent can perform geohazard analysis of buried pipelines including ground movement, lateral spreading, fault movement, and slope stability analysis.

Our other geotechnical capabilities include but not limited to:

  • Geotechnical investigation including laboratory testing & evaluation of geotechnical reports
  • Geotechnical terrain mapping for both new and existing pipelines
  • HDD engineering design and field/construction support
  • Analysis of permafrost/frost-heave related issues with pipelines and pipeline assemblies
  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis of pipe-soil interaction

Technical Specifications

Ensuring your technical specifications comply with latest codes and standards, and are consistent with industry best practice, requires a lot of time and money. Time and money that could instead be spent on moving your business forward.

Out technical specifications subscription service is here to help.

The purpose of this service is to reduce upfront and maintenance cost and make it possible for a company of any size to have premier quality technical specifications. The specifications are based on Northern Crescent corporate specifications and are available in two level of customizations. Alternatively, we can maintain your existing specifications.

  • Piping classes
  • Piping support drawings
  • Fabrication specifications
  • NDE specifications
  • Purchase specifications

Metallurgy & Welding

Our expertise in material selection and welding metallurgy distinguishes us from our competition. Our engineering specialists can provide material selection recommendations based on extensive hands-on experience and application of the industry’s leading materials software.


With a wealth of hands-on construction, commissioning and start-up experience, Northern Crescent can provide you with the tools and resources you need to safely commission your facility.

We can provide:

  • Commissioning and Start-Up manuals
  • Mechanical completion audits
  • Electrical & Instrumentation calibration and completion checkouts
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