Complete tool package covering A-Z of HDD Design.

pBORE is a fully automated Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) design tool.

By taking pipe properties, design conditions, soil properties, ground profile, and other environmental parameters into account, pBORE offers a complete HDD design package to our valuable clients.
pBORE offers a comprehensive design solution by covering the most critical concerns of your HDD design, e.g. minimum clearance from the bottom of the creek/highway crossing, calculation of pullback load/stress, optimization of bore path radius, and automated bore pressure diagram with the potential hydro-fracture location during the construction. pBORE helps design the HDD according to the latest industry standards through its robust and interactive user interface. Besides, it generates the HDD construction drawing package with a few clicks in CAD and PDF format.


pBORE ensures compliance to the latest industry standards. Accuracy is consistently ensured throughout the process through built-in checks and alerts.


pBORE produces comprehensive documentation in tandem with a generated bore pressure diagram which outlines potential zones of hydro-fracture during construction.


pBORE saves time and achieves cost-effective solutions through automation. The tool allows you to optimize the bore path radius through an interactive interface.

  How it Works


Input Geotechnical Borehole Data


Specify Borehole and Pipeline Design Parameters


Review/Optimize the Bore Design

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