Northern Crescent has developed a highly customizable pipeline alignment sheet generator. pROUTE is capable of handling large and complex databases. There is no need to have multiple software packages to extract data from mapping software to CAD software so that alignment sheets can be generated in CAD friendly version. It also allows the flexibility of using established client CAD standard drawings without need to recreate them in the tool.

Highly customizable pipeline construction drawings generator

Why Use pROUTE

  • Consistent standardized drawing format
  • Free from systematic errors
  • Highly Customizable layouts
  • Integration of multi-platform large and complex GIS datasets
  • Integration of pre-existing library of CAD engineering standard

Key Benefits  



Cost Efficiency


pROUTE is highly customizable.

It can produce very detailed alignment sheets typically used for design and construction of cross country pipelines. This level of detail is suitable for Transmission Pipelines and Distribution Pipeline Companies

It can also produce quick routing drawings more suited for smaller flow lines and Oil and Gas Upstream Producer‘s pipelines. It contains all important details such as pipe bend schedules, material BOM and construction notes. 

The level of detail shown on the alignment sheets can be customized to align with the Client’s standards and procedures. 


Pipeline Routing Drawing

How it Works

1. Select design template in AutoCAD

2. Select GIS Project or the Centerline

3. Process GIS data and Generate Sheets

Pipeline Alignment Sheet - Step 3

4. Export alignment sheets CAD format

Pipeline Alignment Sheet - Step 4
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