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Research Areas

Our team is focused on solving industry challenges through focused research. Our team’s current research topics include advanced-soil interactions for buried pipelines, advanced topics in pipeline geo-hazard risks, and hydrogen embrittlement of high-strength carbon steel pipelines. We are always interested in discussing problems that can not be solved in routine capital projects due to time constraints. Our work shows that these problems can be solved, and the outcome often results in significant improvement to infrastructure reliability or operational efficiencies.


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Feel free to contact Us. Northern Crescent will be happy to provide no-obligation consultation and, if required, develop a research proposal.

Our Publications

Our latest publications are listed below.

Numerical assessment of dented pipe using inline inspection data

The current finite element (FE) assessment methods of dented pipes are based on specific dent profiles, which are generally created based on the shape of indenters. However, the actual dent profile in real case scenarios is mostly irregular in shape, depending on the cause of damage. In this...

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Effect of trench backfill on lateral pipe-soil interaction in sand

Current industry practice for the pipe–soil interaction analysis widely uses either American Lifeline Alliance(ALA)or Pipeline Research Council International(PRCI)guidelines to model the soil load exerted on the pipeline. The maximum lateral force for the lateral soil springs recommended by these...

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