Modeling of seepage using a Eulerian-based finite element method

Authors: Jin Chen, Bipul Hawlader, Chen Wang, Kshama Roy [NC], Kenton Pike
Published/Presented: GeoSt.John's 2019


Seepage plays a significant role in many geotechnical problems such as the stability of earth dams and riverbanks. In addition, the large-deformation behavior of soil is equally important in many cases, including progressive failure of slopes, and landslides in sensitive clays. The large-deformation can be successfully simulated using Eulerian-based finite-element (FE) modeling techniques. In the present study, a technique is developed for a Eulerian-based FE analysis using Abaqus FE software to simulate both transient and steady-state seepage through an earth dam. The FE simulation results, including the seepage, in-situ stresses and slip surface in slope stability analysis, are compared with the analyses using the GeoStudio software package. In terms of practical implication, the developed seepage model could be coupled with the large-deformation FE technique in Abaqus to simulate the progressive failure of a riverbank.

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