Numerical assessment of dented pipe using inline inspection data

Authors: Parththeeban Murugathasan, Ashutosh Sutra Dhar, Suborno Debnath[NC], Abu Muntakim[NC], Kshama Roy[NC]
Published/Presented: International Pipeline Conference IPC 2020, Calgary, Alberta


The current finite element (FE) assessment methods of dented pipes are based on specific dent profiles, which are generally created based on the shape of indenters. However, the actual dent profile in real case scenarios is mostly irregular in shape, depending on the cause of damage. In this paper, FE analyses of dented pipes using inline inspection (ILI) data are presented. Based on the ILI data, the dent profile is generated by applying the nodal displacements to all the pipe nodes. The validation of this nodal displacement approach is discussed in this paper. Besides, a parametric study is carried out to study the behavior of dent for different dent depth, pipe geometry, and pipe grades. The significance of residual stresses generated during the dent formation on the behavior of dented pipe during the service life is also discussed. Finally, the remaining life estimation of dented pipes according to the API 579-1 is presented using FE analysis results.
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