Streamlining the GIS to CAD workflow for automated pipeline alignment sheet generation

Authors: Gyanendra Gurung[NC], Kshama Roy[NC]
Published/Presented: International Pipeline Conference IPC 2020, Calgary, Alberta


The use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in managing pipeline database and automating routine engineering processes has become a standard practice in the pipeline industry. While maintaining a central database provides security, integrity, and easy management of data throughout the pipeline’s lifecycle, GIS enables spatial analysis of pipeline data in addition to streamlining access and visualization of results. One of the major benefits of GIS integration lies in the ease of automating the alignment sheet generation for pipelines. This paper introduces a simplified pipeline alignment sheet generation workflow using GIS datasets to produce highly customizable alignment sheets in AutoCAD, a much-preferred format in the pipeline industry. By utilizing existing GIS and AutoCAD features to generate the alignment sheet, writing complicated geo-processing or plotting algorithms is minimized, which in turn reduces the risks of committing any systematic errors. This robust and user-friendly workflow not only ensures safety but also leads to a cost-effective solution.
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